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"Sina made this experience unique because of the love she has for Mexico and for the indigenous people she has made her friends. I can guarantee you that there is not another tour in Mexico that goes where we went and does what we did."

Vera Hershenberg

15 days Mexico - English guided tour

March 08 - 22, 2024


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Mexico is one of the most varied, colourful and photogenic countries in Latin America. Unique motifs within the realm of landscape and portrait photography await you all over the different regions of this country. You can still get a sense of the magic of the old Maya civilisation in many places of this country. Are you a beginner who would like to advance his photography skills in unusual places? Or are you an advanced photographer on the search for new and unknown photo subjects? Either way, this trip is exactly the right thing for you!

On our trip, we will always be in the right place at the right time to snap subjects in perfect lighting conditions. Our shootings focus on the various flora and fauna, Mayan cultural sites, colonial cities and the people of Mexico with their traditions and cultures.

This photo tour will take place during the Mexican winter. With good temperatures and dry climate throughout the country, this is therefore the best time for us to travel. The Caribbean Sea will reflect intensive turquoise tones underneath the blue sky, the jungles of Chiapas will gleam with lush green and the mountain landscapes of Oaxaca will offer fantastic views during the dry season.

A photo journey through Mexico is certainly any photographer’s dream!


Our journey takes us from Cancún on the Caribbean coast of East Mexico along the Mayan peninsula Yucatán and down south to the state Chiapas. From there on, we will fly to Oaxaca and end our journey at our starting point in Cancún.

LOCATIONS: Cancún, Tulum, Muyil, Valladolid, Chichén Itzá, Río Lagartos, Mérida, Uxmal, Palenque, Jungle of Chiapas, Oaxaca & Surroundings

Photo Highlights

  • Tulum & Chichén Itzá under the night sky and at sunrise
  • The flying men of Papantla
  • Private model shoot in traditional attire in the jungle of Tulum
  • Pink-hued lakes of Las Coloradas
  • Private photo shoot with the Yucatán ballet Folklórico in colonial Hacienda
  • Unique Mayan ruins of Uxmal along the Ruta Puuc
  • Roaring waterfalls in the jungle of Chiapas
  • The last Lacandon Mayans in the jungle of Chiapas
  • Magnificant colonial cities, Valladolid and Oaxaca
  • Petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua
  • Workshop with Fernando Cruz & private photo shoot with Oaxacan models

Tour Schedule


After collecting everyone individually at the airport in Cancún, we will first check into our hotel near the Caribbean Sea. Then at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, we will gather to introduce the itinerary of Mexico’s uniqueness and conduct a workshop on the topic of travel and night photography. From then on, we turn our sights to two exciting weeks packed with extraordinary photo opportunities. Following the workshop, we will have the opportunity to take pictures of our first sunset in Mexico. Over dinner, we can chat together and start to get excited as we discuss our shared adventure we are soon to embark on.



Following breakfast, we will make our way to Tulum. After our arrival in the early afternoon, we will visit the “Voladores de Papantla”, the flying men of Papantla. During a breathtaking and artistic performance, we will witness the four men abseil headfirst from a rotating platform. In the late afternoon we will reconvene with our friends, the “Voladores”, for another private photo shoot. In different colourful costumes they will play music for us and introduce us to the customs and traditions of their region. Tonight the first special highlight awaits us. After midnight we will set off for the ruins of Tulum to be the only visitors to photograph the Milky Way above the Mayan temples by the Caribbean Sea.



Our exciting shoot in the ruins of Tulum is not over yet. We will also experience and capture the sunrise in this mystical place. After we have had the chance to explore the Mayan temples by daylight, we will head to the hotel for our well-deserved breakfast. But there is also the possibility to return to the hotel before sunrise. After a break, we will photograph the ruins of Muyil in the afternoon. Few tourists stray into this magic place, situated in the middle of the jungle. Afterwards we meet a model wearing a traditional Mayan attire, the "huipil", in a nearby jungle. During a walk through the dense jungle green we will portray the young Mayan woman in this very extraordinary ambience.



After a slightly longer rest, we will take a morning boat journey to photograph the Mayan ruins of Tulum from a completely new perspective. It is here, from the sea, that we will discover two more hidden temples, which cannot be accessed by land. After this astounding trip, our journey will continue to a cenote near the colonial town of Valladolid. It is off the beaten track and rarely visited by other travellers. You will be enthralled by this giant, underground cave with its azure blue, crystal-clear water. We will enjoy our lunch in a traditional restaurant, run by the local Mayans. You can watch, in front of your very eyes, how Tortillas are handmade. During our last photo stop in the Valladolid region, we visit a Mayan family to get to know traditional life in rural Yucatán and capture it with our cameras.



The next morning we start a day trip to the fishing village Río Lagartos, on the northern coast of Yucatán. Subsequently, another highlight of Mexico awaits us, the Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas, where we can take some impressive landscape pictures. In the early afternoon we will do a photo-walk in the fishing village San Felipe, known for its vibrant wooden houses and friendly inhabitants. In the late afternoon we will embark on a boat trip with the Mexican wildlife- and landscape photographer William Cruz Canto to observe flamingos, crocodiles and other coastal inhabitants. During the sunset we are especially on the lookout for flamingos to photograph them against the light. Afterwards we travel back to Valladolid.



We start today's tour early in the morning with a visit of another magical cenote. Here we experience a spiritual Mayan ceremony in the middle of the underground cave, which is flooded with rays of light from the ceiling. Afterwards, we have the opportunity to portray the Guerreros Mayas in a nearby piece of jungle and get to know their millennia-old customs a little better. After a break at the hotel, we set off for Chichén Itzá in the early afternoon, where we will spend the night in a resort hotel right beside the majestic ruins. In the afternoon there will be the opportunity to take part in a workshop on image editing with Lightroom and Photoshop or to enjoy some free time.



Also today a very special photography highlight awaits us, as we will be the first visitors to photograph the main temple "Kukulcán" of Chichén Itzá. After having explored the ruins and the biggest Mayan ball playground "Juego de Pelota" of Yucatán, we have earned a substantial break at the hotel. In the early afternoon we will head south towards Mérida, where we will spend the night in a Spanish Hacienda from the colonial era. The region is known for its expressive dance performances in colourful costumes. Up until our evening meal, we will have time for a workshop on the theme of “night photography – image editing in Lightroom and Photoshop”. Afterwards we will savour Yucatán specialities of the Mayan peninsula.



This morning we have time to relax at the Hacienda or enjoy a traditional Mayan massage. In the afternoon we will experience a rather unusual and colourful photo shoot. We photograph the dancers of the Yucatecan Ballet Folklórico from Mérida in the ancient rooms and agave fields of the colonial hacienda. Afterwards there will be a private dance performance for us, while different dances in traditional Yucatán costumes will be performed. Equipped with a load of new and colourful photographs, we will continue our journey to Uxmal in the afternoon, where we will visit its fascinating ruins the following morning. We will stay in a resort hotel, right next to the ruins of Uxmal.



After breakfast, we will enter the ruins of Uxmal at 8 a.m. on the dot, in order to be the first visitors of the day. They are some of the largest and most beautiful ruins in Mexico and are one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. They differ significantly from other Mayan dynasties due to their detailed decorations. Up until lunch, we will have time to explore the decorative facades. Then, we will embark on a new photographic adventure, as we leave the Mayan peninsula Yucatán and head south. After a seven hour journey, we will arrive in Palenque in the state Chiapas. Throughout our coach journey, we will have multiple opportunities to stop and take pictures.


DAY 10 – ROARING WATERFALLS & THE JUNGLE OF CHIAPAS – Palenque – Jungle of Chiapas

This day marks the start of our journey into the jungle of Chiapas, where we will first visit multiple wild waterfalls. The cascades with their turquoise pools are spread out in the dense green of the jungle and are only visited by a few travellers. Here we will have the chance to take beautiful long-exposure shots using a tripod and different filters, before we continue our journey further into the jungle of Chiapas. At midday we will have arrived in our Eco-lodge in the village of the Lacandon Mayans. In the afternoon, we explore the Lacandon jungle together with a group of Mayans. There are wonderful photo opportunities in the dense green of the jungle with its huge tropical trees. We then go on a hike to the nearby lagoon. Here, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph the Lacandons in their white tunics on their boat ride in the traditional canoe “Cayuco”.


DAY 11 – THE JUNGLE OF CHIAPAS & THE LACANDON MAYANS – Jungle of Chiapas - Palenque

Today, we will spend the entire day with the last Lacandon Mayans. During the colonial era, they remained undiscovered, deep within the jungle, allowing them to continue the traditions of their ancestors undisturbed for years. In order to discover the villagers and their culture in more detail, we will meet some Lacandons in their houses. After a Mayan lunch, we will visit the last shaman, who will conduct a private Mayan ceremony for us. After this adventurous excursion we thank the Mayans for the wonderful last two days and drive back to Palenque.


DAY 12 – OFF TO OAXACA! – Palenque – Oaxaca

After breakfast we drive to the airport of Villahermosa to head for our last destination together, the culturally-rich state of Oaxaca. Our flight leaves in the early afternoon and takes us via Mexico City to Oaxaca de Juárez, where we will arrive in the evening. After a dinner in the colonial center of the city we look forward to our photo adventure Oaxaca, which promises pictures of unique landscapes and unmistakable people.



Today, we will set off before sunrise, to the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua. The yellow- and brown-toned rock formations, which were formed over thousands of years through the mineral spring water, span over the mountainous landscape with breathtaking panoramic views. We will photograph the stunning landscape from different perspectives before others arrive at this destination. Back in Oaxaca, we will be accompanied with the professional Mexican portrait photographer, Fernando Cruz, throughout the afternoon. Fernando is a master of perfecting the light conditions and will carry out the workshop on that topic. We will have a photo shoot with models in different Oaxacan attire in the historical centre of Oaxaca. Both today and the following day are very special, because, unless it is a special Oaxacan holiday, you will rarely get the opportunity to witness the vibrant variety of traditional clothing with your own eyes.



This morning we will head south to visit the workshop "Manos que ven“ - translated "Hands that see" - of the blind artist José Antonio. He is known beyond the borders of Mexico for his artfully created life-size Zapotec women and mermaids made of clay. It is a unique and impressive experience to observe over his shoulder while he works with clay. In the early afternoon, we will yet again meet with photographer Fernando in the Oaxacan fields to once more have the special opportunity of photographing men and women of the region in their traditional attire. By evening, we will enjoy Oaxacan specialities at our farewell meal and relive the exciting experiences of our photo journey together over a glass of Mezcal


DAY 15 – HASTA LUEGO! – Oaxaca – Cancún

Hasta luego! Now it is time to say farewell, as our journey together ends today. Saying goodbye is never easy, but now you can at least know for certain that you are heading home with a new brilliant photography portfolio. Come midday, we will fly, with a brief stopover in Mexico City, back to the starting point of our journey in Cancún. If you want to relax and unwind on the white beaches of the Caribbean after our exciting photo adventure, then this would be the perfect opportunity. Your return flight to Cancún may be a few days later, however, so you can explore the indigenous villages, colourful craft markets or the beaches of Oaxaca.





Additional information: Before the start of the tour, you will receive in-depth documentation with all necessary information about the trip and its schedule.

Please note that small changes of the tour or sequencing of the photo shoots may occur. Discovering new, unplanned things in such a diverse country with its lively inhabitants is also part of the experience.

Workshops on Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as opportunities for picture reviews, can all be flexibly integrated into a suitable timeframe in our travel plans.




Photography- & Tour guide

Cancún - Oaxaca



Wildlife- & Landscape photographer

Río Lagartos



Portrait photographer


Pricing & Details


March 08 - 22, 2024 - English guided tour

With group bookings, it is possible to change discuss a suitable date and change it accordingly.

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PRICE: $6.295 USD



NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 4 person minimum, 10 person maximum

TYPE OF HOTEL: Comfortable hotels of a high standard (the best possible accommodation in remote areas)

LOCATIONS: Cancún, Tulum, Muyil, Valladolid, Chichén Itzá, Río Lagartos, Mérida, Uxmal, Palenque, Jungle of Chiapas, Oaxaca & Surroundings


  • Pick-up at the airport
  • Photo Tour Guide (German/ English/ Spanish)
  • Local guides
  • All accommodation during the tour in a double room (surcharge for single occupancy available on request)
  • All meals (water included)
  • All transport in buses or private vehicles
  • Two in-country flights during the tour
  • Local models
  • All entrance fees during the tour


  • International flights to and from Mexico
  • Any kind of insurance (Trip cancellation, medical insurance, etc.)
  • Medical expenses
  • Other personal expenses
  • Tips for local guides and staff
  • Optional excursions


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What do enthusiastic tour participants say?

"Frankly, I went into this experience expecting nothing different than any other photography tour that I have taken. It was quickly apparent that this tour would be very different. Sina put her heart into planning every event-filled. day. We shot the ruins, landscapes, waterfalls, wildlife, indigenous people and models. She guided us seamlessly through each transition, always helping us prepare for the next shoot. Sina made this experience unique because of the love she has for Mexico and for the indigenous people she has made her friends. I can guarantee you that there is not another tour in Mexico that goes where we went and does what we did. Sina worked tirelessly, in spite of being ill for several days. She is a gem. I would travel with her again in a minute."

Vera Hershenberg, USA

“Sina did an incredible job researching and planning 14 days packed with wonderful varied photographic opportunities. Her strength is her personal connections with people so we were able to meet and photograph people other tours would never have access to. We all had a great time together. Kudos to Sina, she did a great job!”

Ann Moore, USA

“We had a great time! Sina put an inordinate amount of time and effort to provide the best experience possible. Mexico is a hidden gem. Sina is very diligent and professional and went to great lengths to assist the group both while shooting and with post processing. Many lead photographers I find, feel they are part of the group and do nothing but shoot themselves. Sina was always there to assist those who needed help! I would be ready to join her on any other trip she led.”

Bob McLean, Canada