About me


my name is Sina Falker, I am a passionate travel photographer and love to discover distant countries! My “wanderlust” started in 2005, where I went on my first long-distance trip to Japan. My passion for photography already existed during that time, even though I was only travelling with a small pocket camera.

The positive response to my first, rather unprofessionally snapped pictures caused me to invest in my first SLR camera in 2011. And so, I started on an around-the-world trip passing through Thailand, Australia and Latin America. This led to my passion reaching an increasingly professional standard.

Over the following years, my travels have taken me repeatedly to various countries in Latin America and Asia to capture moments of daily life and the diversity of local culture. Due to my strong affinity with the Spanish language and the Latin American way of life, I have already visited a large number of countries from North to South America.

My focus is on landscape and portrait photography with a strong preference for traditional and indigenous cultures. Travel photography is a medium for me to connect with people while living my greatest passion at the same time. 

I would like to share this passion with you and warmly invite you to my photo tour around Mexico. During several trips through the most northern country of Latin America, I got to know many wonderful people and places in different regions. I would be happy if you were to accompany me on one of my next trips.

All the best,

Your Sina



Finalist at the HIPA AWARD - subject "Nature"
Publication in the Mexican magazine HOLA TULUM
Publication of 4 photos in the Unvcover magazine

3 Bronze Awards at the Portrait Masters Awards

Finalist with 4 photos at the Siena International Photo Awards 2022


Member of the INSEARCH platform with 2500 associate photographers who provides photography services worldwide

Publication in "World Geographic Excursions" Magazine about the Día de Muertos in Mexico
2 Bronze Awards at the Portrait Masters Awards

Publication on the website meineHeimat.ruhr, the largest tourism company of Dortmund, Germany

Jury member of the fotoforum Award 5/2022

Exhibition of 2 pictures at Museo Maya de Cancún, Mexico


1st Prize winner at the Photo+Adventure Photo Competition "City, Country, River"

10 recognitions at the Artwork International Salon 2020

6 recognitions at the Creative Digipix International Salon 2020

3 recognitions at the Visualization International Salon 2020

Finalist at the Siena International Photo Awards 2020

Publication on the Photo+Adventure Blog

Interview about my Mexico Photo Tours with ReiseTV24

Publication in the Mexican print and online magazine "Hola Tulum" - Photography Mr. Tulum

Publication in the print magazine CanonFoto

Publicationin in the online photo magazine Digital photo

Jury member of the Mexican photo competition "Terra península", initiated by HOLA TULUM magazine


Honorable mention at the Minimalist Photo Award 2019 - Long Exposure Category

Publication in the online photo magazine Photography Life

16 - 17 November 2019 exhibition and stand at the Weltblicke Festival 2019 at the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany

Since July 2019 permanent exhibition at the company Apostore & KHT in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Recognition at the Vintage International Circuit 2019 and 1st Creative Digipix International Salon for my picture "Magic Mountain"
Recognition at the Vintage International Circuit 2019 for my picture "Floating Market"

Finalist at the Siena International Photo Awards 2019

Exhibition on the theme "Portrait and Landscape Photography" at CALUMET Photographic Germany, Essen

Publication in the Mexican print and online magazine "Hola Tulum" on the subject of Mujeres
National Geographic - Publication in the assignment Startruck
Publication in the cultural exhibition "Viva México" at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico City


1st Prize Winner at the Siena International Photo Awards, category Splash of Colors

Publication in the Mexican print and online magazine "Hola Tulum", article Lenguas indígenas

National Geographic - Publication on Instagram natgeoyourshot


National Geographic - Photo of the day

National Geographic - Editors´favorite submission for the Award National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year

National Geographic - The best 12 photos of the day Daily dozen


Publication in the Mexican book „Primer Fotolibro Latinoamericano – En Construcción“